This article is a slightly different one compared to normal. I wanted to introduce you to a new retail transformation podcast. The Retail Transformation Show has just launched and fit within the large OB&Co brand, that also includes With this new, I aim to help retailers to improve their retail performance and transform store operations. By listening, retail leaders should know what they need to do to get ready for tomorrow’s retail marketplace.

Listen to the Retail Transformation Show podcast on the OB&Co website. Alternatively, find it on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts.

You’ve probably seen the threatening headlines about retail performance. You have probably also heard it being referred to as the “retail apocalypse” – or “retailpolcalypse” if you’re wanting the snappy version! Perhaps a little extreme but it’s based in reality. Whilst change has always been an element of the retail market, it’s the current pace of change that has suddenly sped up. That’s right, retail disruption is here.

What does retail disruption mean

Retail disruption means that the “rules of engagement” are changing. The old way to scale, grow and control a retail business just don’t work anymore.

The changes are tied hand in hand with the root causes and are all closely linked. In fact, that’s one of the reasons that the retail market is so tough right now.

  • Customers are becoming more demanding with higher expectations for great service.
  • The internet is making prices and branding more transparent.
  • Competitors are coming from all angles and across multiple channels.
  • Technology is enabling cost efficiencies and enhanced capability.

Now, retailers have a choice:

  • Transform or sink.
  • Improve or decline.
  • Change or die.

Listen to the Retail Transformation Show podcast

Making retail change is not always the same as in other industries – as we discussed in this previous about what makes retail project management different. Therefore, there are 4 main aims of the show:

  1. Feeding you Insight – gain a greater understanding as well as stats and facts about the latest in retail as well as the wider political, economic or technological picture.
  2. Giving you Inspiration – so that you have the energy to go and make change happen.
  3. Planting the seeds of new Ideas into your head – with some of the best and brightest minds in the industry.
  4. And finally, to share our Interest with each other – through engaging and invigorating conversations.

Basically (as the podcast name suggests), the Retail Transformation Show is there to help you transform your retail operations.

So, come and listen – try episode 1 as a starter. But remember to subscribe and tell your colleagues too!

project management expert Oliver BanksAbout the Author (and Podcast Host)

Oliver Banks is an expert at delivering retail change projects and programmes. He’s consulted and advised on the integration of retail operations before and knows the type of challenges they present. When taking these on, he blends classic project management techniques from PRINCE2, PMBOK and Lean Six Sigma with a dose of pragmatism and business reality to ensure these important retail projects are led, managed and delivered successfully.


project management expert Oliver Banks

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