If you’re interested in pursuing a career in project management, or would like to progress in your current position by learning more about how to effectively manage projects within your current team, you’ll need to learn about project management systems and methodologies.

While we look at a number of tools and systems in our training, PRINCE2 is a project management methodology and set of tools that can be particularly helpful, and one that turns up time and time again. Our PRINCE2 guide will help you understand what it’s all about.

What is PRINCE2?

PRINCE2 stands for ‘Projects IN Controlled Environments’. It is a structured, process-flow based methodology for managing projects in any industry. It originated with the UK government as they worked on large public sector change projects.

Nowadays, PRINCE2 is used by both public and private sectors and is used both in the UK and across the world.

If you’re wondering where the “2” went or whatever happened to PRINCE1, there’s a simple answer. PRINCE started in 1989, then in 1996, was relaunched, which is when its name was changed to PRINCE2.

Training & Certification

As an individual, you can choose to get trained and certified to PRINCE2 Foundation (starter). From there you can then move onto PRINCE2 Practitioner (advanced).

This is essential if you are working in a strict PRINCE2 environment where you will need to be familiar and comfortable with the different terminology and approaches that it presents. If you’re not working on projects that are structured as PRINCE2 day in day out, then you would be better understanding the key learnings and how to deploy in the real world.

Key Benefits

One of PRINCE2’s key benefits is a keen focus on a positive business case. This ensures that you stay focused on doing the right projects. Not only will you be doing the worthwhile projects, but you’ll remain focused on the reasons you begun a project throughout the process – meaning you won’t lose enthusiasm to make it successful.

Another key benefit we wanted to make sure to include in our PRINCE2 guide, is that it places an emphasis on defining and creating the project’s deliverables, which adds structure to ensure progress continues to be made.

However, if you’re the only one using the PRINCE2 methodology, things can get a little confusing. Handily for you, there is documentation and terminology depending on different circumstances of project management. Unfortunately, this can make it confusing to those who are not using this methodology.

To overcome this, it’s best if those using the PRINCE2 methodology consider training and certification.

So, is PRINCE2 a good fit for you?

Whether you know the elements of PRINCE2 that are best to implement and most likely to be adopted or whether you’re brand new to it, you can find out more as well as learn about other benchmark methodologies in our online training course focused on proven actionable techniques.

We hope you found our PRINCE2 guide helpful. If PRINCE2 sounds right for you, check out our training course or get in touch and send us an email.


project management expert Oliver Banks

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